Welcome to our repair reporting system. Please be as descriptive as possible and always provide a photo of the problem when requested.

I agree to terms & conditions provided by the company. By providing my phone number, I agree to receive text messages from the business.

If you have a gas leak or you can smell gas you must immediately evacuate the property and then contact National Grid Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999.

After that you must report this issue both through this system and telephone us on 01925 235 338

If you have no electric first telephone the electricity board to check that the loss of power is not because of a general power cut, unpaid bills or failure to pay for connection. If the loss of power is not due to one of those factors then you must report this issue through this system and contact us by telephone on 01925 235 338.

Please tell us below about your issue, if its a boiler issue please include the make, model and serial number.